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Invest In Quality Grooming Supplies

Whether you're a home pet lover or a thriving business, GIL'S SHARP SHOP keeps your tools in good shape, so you can keep up with customers' demands for perfection. We're based in Fort Loudon, Pennsylvania, and service individuals, professionals, and businesses nationwide.
The Human Side Of Things

The Human Side Of Things

Groomers and beauticians get the hair cutting tools and utensils you need for a number of jobs.

We sell quality tools for your:
  • Barber and Beauty Shop
  • Beautician School 
  • Sharpen Hunting Knifes
  • Household Kitchen Knives

Just for Pets

We provide sharpening services for amateur and professional grooming shops.

Feel free to ship your products for service if you own a:
  • Dog Kennel
  • Pet Store 
  • Horse Stable Or Farm
  • Show Stable 
  • Veterinary Clinic 
  • Animal Hospital

Items Sharpened

Feel the difference a sharp tool can make when carrying out grooming tasks.
We service:
  • Grooming Scissors
  • Beauty Scissors
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Household Scissors and Knives
  • Hunting Knives
  • Fishing Knives
  • Clipper Blades
  • Hoof Knives or Farrier Tools
dog being groomed

Blade Sharpening and Clipper Repairs

We repair all clippers using manufacturer parts. Our hollow ground clipper blades work and every item is tested for sharpness and proper function before it is returned to you.


We sell the best pedigree of grooming supplies.
  • Scissors From Heritage™, Wolff®, Vogel Bros®, and More 
  • Clippers From Andis®, Wahl®, Double-K™ Industries, and More 
  • Clipper Blades From Andis and Wahl (Compatible With A-5 & Large Animal Blades)
  •  Leather Scissor Cases
  • Clipper Oils and Clipper Blade Cleaners (H-42)
  • Lube for Scissors


Our prices are affordable, too. All of our small blade clippers cost $5.50. Our rates for other products include:
  • Large Animal Clipper Blades: $7.00
  • Clipper Repairs (Using OEM Parts): $20.00 Plus the Cost Of Parts
  • Knives (Triple Beveled): $1.50 – $6.50
  • Hollow Ground Scissors: $1.50 – $20.00
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